Frequently asked question

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How does it work?

Pipechat works by recognizing the number you're chatting with on WhatsApp Web and showing you the CRM contact with that phone number, so you can manage the linked deals and create new ones.
If it doesn't find a contact with that phone number, it will let you create a new one or add the phone number to an existing CRM contact.

How do I install it?

To install Pipechat, you need to
  1. Install the app from your CRM Marketplace (Pipedrive or Zoho CRM).
  2. Install the Chrome Extension.
Once you installed the app correctly, you will see the Pipechat sidebar when you use WhatsApp Web. It looks like this:

Does it work with the WhatsApp app on my phone?

No. At the moment it only works on Chrome browsers and with the web version of WhatsApp.

How can I sync my WhatsApp and CRM contacts?

Pipechat does not sync your WhatsApp and CRM contacts automatically.

How can I save messages to my CRM?

Pipechat allows you to select specific messages you want to save to your CRM, to save them as a note to a deal or a contact. To do that follow the steps below:

And the note will be displayed like this:

Please, note that due to current restrictions, Pipechat cannot save files and attachments.

What's the pricing?

The base price is €5/month VAT included for a single user. The price is lower if you choose a yearly plan, and there are further discounts for multi-seat subscriptions.
To see all the available plan, you can click on the credit card icon on the top right:

Can I save files and attachments to my CRM?

At the moment, due to technical restrictions, is not possible to save files and attachments to your CRM. You will still need to add them manually to the CRM.

Can I use the same number on multiple browsers and multiple users?

Yes, with the latest version of WhatsApp Web, you can use the same number on up to 4 devices at a time.

Where are the invoices?

You should receive all the invoices in the email you specified in your billing info, but if for some reason you can't find them in your inbox, you can also find the full billing history and invoices by following these steps:

I paid for a multi-seat plan, but some people in my team can't use the app. Why?

To enable someone in your team as part of your multi-seat plan, you have to add the email they use for their CRM account, following these steps:

I can't login. Why?

For Pipechat to work, you need to enable cookies on your browser. You can do that inside the settings page (Settings -> Privacy and security -> Cookies and other site data).

You can choose one of the following options:

I installed the extension for Telegram Web, but Pipechat is not showing. Why?

At the moment Pipechat for Telegram Web is only working for Telegram Web K.
You can switch to Telegram Web K by clicking on the burger menu (with three lines, in the top left), and then "Switch to K version".

How do I unsubscribe?

You can manage and cancel your subscriptions from the subscription page.
You can open the susbcription page by clicking on the credit card icon in the app or by going directly to the link